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HR & Payroll Management ERP Software Dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah & Bahrain

RealSoft offers HR and Payroll software in Dubai. The system automates fundamental HR processes like employee recruitment and Payroll activities. Almost all the ERP systems contain an HR and Payroll module. If your HR requirements are persistent and unlikely to modify for a few years, an ERP will be enough.

The HR function includes employment, training, staff engagement, Payroll, and HR guidelines. Thus, the professionals should be capable of developing customized solutions as well as HR software in Dubai. Coral promises to provide a team of talented people to accomplish your dreams. Payroll processing is crucial in the HR department because it focuses on worker’s operational and payment activities. The payroll treats administrating salaries in a company. The task includes estimation of salaries, taxes, and disbursement, etc.

A perfect HR and Payroll solution in Dubai can make fewer expenses and better output. Each employee wants to be waged correctly and on time. The best Payroll software can only do this. Because any fault in Payroll systems affect financial costs that lead to a negative impact and disappointments.

An integrated HR payroll software systems crack the function of a simple HR management software in Dubai. It allows the system to access, develop, run and manage an entire section of the HR and payroll functions. Therefore, ERP remains the best and necessary for evolving businesses and company growth.

What do we offer?

Unlike other software companies in Dubai, Coral gives a brilliant HR and Payroll solution for any IT solution companies in Dubai. Our ERP offers the following modules:

  • Payroll Management Details
  • Employees Personal Details
  • Salary Details/Increment details
  • Leave Salary, Benefit and Gratuity Details
  • Time Sheet Management Reports/ Attendance Management
  • Payroll Processing based on Timesheet details
  • Salary Slip Details
  • Staff Payment – Cash/Bank and WPS
  • SIF file for WPS

Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)

Attendance handling is successful only when it's done in real-time. Using RealSoft ERP an employee can view his/her personal data like payslips, attendance, working hours, and much more. Employees can request for fixing any troubles and the HR can fix it quickly from the other side. The whole procedure can be accomplished professionally.

RealSoft ERP is becoming a need for many companies and businesses today. Because it can effortlessly trace an employee’s daily working hours, leaves or vacations, and several concerns in a single ERP. The system simply integrates each and every complex procedure and make an employee’s environment stress-free by providing 24/7 access.

Employee Master

If a company is large and has branches located in numerous places, it will be really hard to keep the records of every employee. The module keeps a document and history of employees. The live information can be extracted, altered, and managed.

Leave Entry

The Leave Entry module aids in maintaining different categories of leave. The HR department will set up the leaves and employees can apply the associated ones. Then, the leave details and balance leaves will be shown. It also displays the excess leaves or loss of pay.

Staff Payment (Advance Loan)

It handles the advance payment given to the employees. Once the advance payment has been given, there will be an option for the employee to remit the amount as instalments. It can explain the deduction section and current financial status properly for both HR and employees.

Staff Receipt (Deduction)

The module calculates any other deduction from the salary. It states every deduction and is forwarded to their bank account straight. The corresponding manager will verify its correctness.

Time Sheet

Record employee’s everyday attendance. So, it will avoid double and triple data entry and related errors. The working hour can be automatically calculated.

Payroll Process

Payroll will be live with the department which handles finance. An employee’s salary will be calculated after monitoring the time sheet, leave entries, advance loan if any, working hours, etc. After that, the exact evaluated amount will be credited to the account.

Leave Salary Process

The module identifies an exact salary for non-deductible leave using standard Payroll calculation as well as tax calculation

Benefit Payment

The salary calculation includes benefits also. There are several benefits that have been given to an employee by the company. These benefits will also be recorded and it will influence the salary.

Leave Salary Payment

After the successful completion of the Leave salary Process, the system lets giving the calculated salary by this module.

Other Staff Payment

Any other kind of payment concerning to staff which is permitted and given are declared in this module.

Salary Payment

The most crucial part of a system. After all calculation procedures, the approved amount will be given. The salary payment will be monitored by the finance section.